Dr. Ali bin Abdul Khaliq Al-karni

Director General

Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States

The Director General of the ABEGS is the chief executive officer of the Arab Bureau. He is a communication bridge amongst strategic, managerial, and operational leadership of the Arab Bureau in the seven member states. He reports to the General Conference and the Executive Board and coordinates official matters between various establishments of the Arab Bureau.


• PH.D 1990 - University of Wisconsin-Madison-USA

• General Specialization: Educational Psychology

• Main Specialization: Quantitative Methods in Education – Statistics & Measurement

• 1st Minor Specialization: Statistics

• 2nd Minor Specialization: Learning Theories.

• PhD thesis on: The Impact of Test Structure on Bayesian Test Analysis

• Master of Education 1982 Portland State University, USA

• Specialization: Methods of Teaching English

• BA 1980 North Texas State University & Portland State University

• Specialization: English.

Training Courses:

• 1985 - Assessment and Evaluation program, Al-Taif / Saudi Arabia

• 1974 - English Teaching Program, British Council

• 1975 - Advanced English Language Teaching Louisiana State University

• 1976 – 977 English Teachers Training, North Texas University

• 1983 - Refresher Program for Teachers and Administrators of English, University of Sterling, Scotland, UK.

• 1997 – Change Makers Program in the 20th Century, University of Maryland

• In addition to the above numerous short training programs and workshops.

Practical Experiences:

• 35 years in education

• 1971-1973: Teacher at primary schools.

• 1972: promoted to Headmaster Assistant at Intermediate Stage besides teaching at Primary Schools.

• 1977: Teacher of English at the Intermediate Stage.

• 1978-1980 Teacher of English at the Secondary Stage.

• 1982-1986: Monitor and Supervisor, English language teachers.

• 1990: Coordinator at the Assessment and Evaluation Unit, Ministry of Education.

• 1993: Director General of the Educational Research, Head of the Information Centre, Ministry of Education

• 1998: Secretary-General of the High Committee of Education Policies.

• 2000: Supervisor-General of the Kingdom Schools, Riyadh.

Past Activities:

• Editor of Education Documentary Magazine.

• Member of Consultative Group of the Minister of Education (KSA)

• Member of the Education National Committee at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology.

• Freelance Consultant at the Shura Council.

• Teaching at General Management Institute

• Contributed within the Advisory Committee to prepare the program of the Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO).

• Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on numerous occasions like:1992-1994-1996: Conference of the International Bureau of Education, Geneva

• 1992-1994: Meeting of Media Representatives at the Education Ministries of Arab Gulf States (Abu-Dhabi)

• 1992: The seminar of education planning in light of growing population and development needs at the Gulf States.

• 1997: Education Conference for the 21st century Asia and Pacific, Melbourne.

• 1998: The 24th International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA) Annual Meeting, Beijing.

• 1998, UNESCO – ACEID 5th Session on Education Reforms: Improving Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Innovative Vision for the New Century, Bangkok.

• 2004: First Conference for Education Experts in the Arab World, Beirut

• 2004: Educational Forum for Arab Thought Institution, Beirut.

Scientific Associations :

• Member of Saudi Educational and Psychological Sciences.

• Member of American Educational Research Association (AERE), Washington, D. C.

• Member of National Council of Measurement in Education (NCME), Washington, D. C.

• Member of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Washington, D. C.

Research Areas::

• Educational Assessment and Evaluation

• Testing Theories

• Latent Trait Theory

• Adaptive Testing

• Educational Research Method

• Assessment of Educational Programs

• Educational Indicators.

More activities :

• Contribution in the National Committees for Curriculum Development.

• Member of the National Committees for Assessment and Evaluation.

• Member of Board of Trustee of 'Al-Marifa' Magazine.

• Member of the Scientific Group for Qualification Test Program at the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States.

• Member of Consultative Committee for the New Secondary Education System.

• Member of National Committee for Private Education at the Chamber of Commerce.

• Member of the Working Group for Reformation and Human Development to Improve Sport and Legal Assistance for Youth in the Kingdom

• Has Numerous Contributions in the Local Media, Saudi Arabia.

• Member of Scientific Group for Educational Achievement Tests Program at the Ministry of Education, KSA.

• Member of Al-Fahd Schools Development Council.

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